John age 5 gems

“Mom, is it bad if I tell someone they are a shit person”? – John

Also, John is upset because all of his friends just care about their friendship and not his jokes.

He’s the best.


Interviewing the kids about me!

Aww, that was fun. I’d say my kids nailed it. 🙂
WITHOUT prompting, ask your child these questions and write EXACTLY what they say.
*What is something I say a lot?
JOHN: I love you
JULIA: I like to kick your butt
*What makes me happy?
JULIA: Me and John
JOHN: Kisses on your cheek
*What makes me sad?
JOHN: People being mean
JULIA: Messes
*How tall am I?
JOHN: Bigger than us
JULIA: Medium
*How old am I?
JOHN: 900
*What is my favorite food?
JOHN: Bacon
* What is my favorite thing to do?
JULIA: Get foot rubs
JOHN: Being with us
*What makes me proud of you?
JOHN: Being nice
JULIA: Neat homework
*If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
JOHN: A vacation at the island. I love that place.
JULIA: Do you think you would like Paris? Erase that. Aruba.
*How do I annoy you?
JULIA: Telling me my homework is messy
JOHN: Too many kisses
JULIA: But don’t write that because we kind of enjoy them.
*What is my favorite TV show?
JOHN: Peppa Pig
JULIA: You don’t really watch TV
JOHN: Actually, the Patriots!
* Who do I have a crush on?
JULIA: Daddy. Actually me.
JULIA: You are already married so no crushes for you.
*What’s my favorite drink?
JOHN: Soda
JULIA: Sobe Life Water


Hi. I don’t do the best job updating this blog these days, but I’ll continue to try to note big milestones. I figure this website is our “baby book” that the kids can enjoy reading some day.

Julia at 8 years old is 4’4″ and 90 pounds. She’s solid as a rock. Strong and athletic like her mom. 😉

She plays soccer and softball seasonally. She swims every weekend, and has recently participated in the Lion King Jr theater production at the YMCA.

Fun, fun









EIGHT is great

I’ve been so busy I don’t have much time to post updates to my blog these days, but I had to make an effort to post for Julia’s 8th birthday! In a blink, she’s EIGHT.

Julia is smart, athletic, thoughtful, opinionated, caring and curious. She’s very confident and loves life.

Julia swims, plays soccer, softball, and basketball. She participates in Girl Scouts and is currently performing in a play at our local YMCA.

This weekend she asked me about the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as Puberty. OH MY!

Here’s a photo of my girl (in pink) on her 8th birthday, and another photo of her and some of her BFFs at her party over the weekend.




Paul turned 18 and Graduated HS

Time flies!! Crazy fast. A blink.

image image image image

Pooped Outside

“Mom, I need to tell you something. I wasn’t a good boy outside. I did something naughty. I pooped in nature. I pooped outside. I got Julia and we covered it up with sticks and rocks and leaves. I think it’s okay because that’s how people poop when they go camping.”

– John, Age 4

John’s 4 year vitals

Had a good check up with John today for his 4 year old physical! He freaked out when the doctor came in — until he realized it was a shot free year. Good blood pressure, good vision test. He’s in the 52% for height, and 41% for weight.